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Artist Statement 

An Irish multimedia artist practicing in Leicester, England. She is interested in virtual and concrete space with the complexity of hindrance and negotiation within a space that affects an artistic practice. With influences from Constructivism,  Dadaism,  the contextual readings of ‘The Poetics of space’ (Gaston bachelor 1994) and ‘The Production of Space’ (Henri Lefebvre 1984) in relation to “Art and Objecthood” (Micheal Fried 1967).

Kerr’s work is influenced by her actions of making, constructing and realisation of artwork in a studio or showing space. Collage is the foundation of her ideas that she works’ back into the space, which then develops into installation or film or both combined, when combined these 2 approaches create a dialogue with many questions, that also creates an engagement/vocal point for the viewer.

During the outbreak of Covid-19 Kerr’s work has shifted towards the element of digitalized work within realm of film by creating hybrid spaces that cause a sense of familiarities to the opposing subject that is viewing it through a screen; within this familiar place of semi natural state is an unrealistic approach to what a space should truly look like. With subtle hints of humour and intimacy conveying the reassurance and the uncertain sense to follow through a certain space uncovering uncanny crevices that just could not be.

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