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Communicate What You Visualise
'Business as usual' 2020

 The exhibition aims to create a dialogue centered around how artists continued to make or think about making work online. We are asking that you re-evaluate, examine and investigate how working within online spaces allowed you to continue thinking about your practice. Making Space is inviting you through a critical lens to consider how the image posted online can be moved into a physical space and in this scenario a shopping centre. We ask that you consider your work within a shopping centre, will this change your work? Will it introduce a new way of working? Will this opportunity allow a dialogue to develop with the general public?  As artists we moved our practices online but by moving the work back into a physical space does it change?

The art of communication is key; keeping in contact is a must when working with people. Something that I have come across while working online is ‘communicate what you visualise’, while your collaborator might hear what you say, they don't fully see what you mean’, the result can therefore be unexpected. 

While living in Leicester there is the process of shipping and instructions on how to rebuild this structure which will be useful for the team at making of space which coincides with communicate what you visualise this could represent the reengagement where the involvement of assemblage is not followed through by the artists themselves but from instructions that the spectator follows. Along the lines of artist Sol lewitt with the idea of participants that complete a piece of work with instructions to guide the final outcome. 

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