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Negotiating space

Taking inspiration from my essay titled ‘How the artists use the space available’. Through their creative thinking process to explore and change a particular space, there was also a focus on how contrasting the use of different materials can be used to portray the desired outcomes. A simple object is creating spatial awareness for the viewer to comprehend using light and reflects to embody the available space ‘simple the object maybe; there remain the relations and interrelations or surface, contour, and spatial delay.

A certain part in the essay I focused on was ‘how artists negotiate the space available’ where the obstacles of a gallery space such as lighting and different fixtures which may hinder and stand in the way of your progression in the space. The obstacles artists face both in personal and professional actions and confronts the reasons for obstructions by acknowledging the allowing factors to give a sense of spatial awareness which comes with intuition and knowledge of specific areas;

In my film I am negotiating 2 particular spaces one being the studio and the other being an empty space that almost could resemble a studio.

The first half of the film is based in the empty space where there is more room to interact with the objects and better quality acoustics for immersive sound but as this is a dark space there is no natural lighting, this does not affect my presentation in any way as during the filming process I wanted to use a section of footage to compose with the metal structure to see how they would interact with each other this worked well in the dark space as there was a more vibrant display which would be completely different if there was natural light flooding in.

The second half was filmed in my studio space which I filled with natural lighting, with a mixture of different sounds such as birds, people chatting and traffic passing by this brings an intimate sound to the piece. A hindrance while working in the studio is the amount of flexibility that it requires to get the perfect lighting due to the ever-changing British weather.

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